In government article suggests use of blockchain to improve citizens’ lives

The study and development of solutions using the blockchain is part of more than 3,000 modernization actions being carried out by SEME throughout the government.

Since 2019 the current Brazilian government has been working to ensure the modernization of different sectors of the state through the creation of the Special Secretariat for State Modernization, SEME. The secretary’s goal is to study and use new technologies for different sectors and, as one can imagine, the blockchain is usually considered.

In a recent article of the General Secretariat, a series that is part of the retrospective to expose the improvements brought by the current administration, the SGPR highlighted the role of Blockchain in improving the state for all citizens, mainly in relation to businesses and companies of different sizes.

According to the article, blockchain presents several possibilities and Bitcoin Circuit scam there are already different cases of use both for companies and the public power.

“With an eye on preparing the country for the new technologies, SEME-SG, together with BNDES, has been articulating with federal public administration entities the development of the Brazilian Blockchain Network. In May of this year, the special secretariat mobilized the creation of a technical group to deal with the technology, which is still being studied, but already has important cases of use in public administration and presents countless possibilities of application for greater efficiency of the various agencies and entities”.

The study and development of solutions using blockchain is part of more than 3,000 modernization actions being carried out by SEME throughout the government. These are planned upgrades over the next few years and will lead to changes in more than 80 agencies and entities.

The major focus of these changes is digital transformation, improving the business environment, modernizing public management, and legal and bureaucratic streamlining. These changes can be achieved using Blockchain, as many who study this new technology have already stated. Not to mention, of course, that with this type of network it is still possible to guarantee more data security and integrity.

Of the 3,000 planned changes, 1,412 have already been executed or are in the process of being executed.

“Blockchain will provide greater security,” says government Secretariat General
Still talking about the possibility of using Blockchain to improve different jobs, reduce bureaucracy and waiting time, the article from the General Secretariat also highlighted that it is already possible to predict that Blockchain will offer more security.

“It is already possible to predict, for example, that in the public sector it will provide greater security in the exchange of information between government agencies, helping to inhibit corruption and embezzlement. This is because the use of Blockchain facilitates tracking and enhances reliability in data and information sharing actions,” the text adds.